Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am not an ordinary Malay. I'm Malaysian Malay!!

Malaysia. Malaysia. Malaysia. Malaysia. -----Forever Malaysia----------
Forever Malayan Tiger----------
Malaysia Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.
Can't wait for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012.
Malaysia must be the Champion for the second time. In Shaa Allah. I wish it.

I'm not a static person. I'm dinamic one.

Dont need to give a talk. Just enjoy it :D

This is not a nice video but it is nice to watch when u get tension or what. Thanks to they who'd like to follow me here eventhough I'm not a profesional blogger. But In Sha Allah, I'll learn to improve my skills to create,edit n update this page. I hope u guys could help n share ur knowledge too . "SHARING IS CARING" hehe. Thank You.